Interior designers Barcelona

Interior designers Barcelona

Bayeltecnics interior design studio was created in 2005 in Barcelona and is directed by the interior designer Sebastián Bayona, after more than 10 years of experience designing new construction homes.

My name is Sebastian Bayona, I was the founder of the interior design studio, Bayeltecnics Design since 2005. Located in the heart of Barcelona, we project the dreams of our clients to make them reality.

From the first contact, your home is our home. The primary objective of the study is to satisfy all the vital needs of our customers. With a close and friendly treatment, we designed in collaboration with them, a house according to their way of life. For us, it is fundamental to know the uses, the customs, the hobbies ...

We do not seek personal lucidity, a design is useless if it can not be lived and enjoyed.

The main lines of our work are careful designs, the use of spaces, subtlety in small details, the search for light and adaptation to all styles ...

Our slogan: 

"You can dream it, we can do it..."